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XPELClear Bra Application in Mobile, AL

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We are an XPEL Paint Protection Film

We are an XPEL Paint Protection Film

Small bugs, rocks, road debris, salt, and sand can cause damage to the original painted surface of your car resulting in small chips, scratches, and abrasions. A clear bra will cover and protect your car’s original paint without altering the look of your vehicle. The XPEL clear bra can be applied directly to your car’s bumper and hood as well as other painted surfaces to protect from rock chips, bug acids, salt, and sand abrasion.

At Access Sun Control in Mobile, AL we offer clear bra application services for all types of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs throughout the Mobile area. To learn more about our clear bra application services and to receive a quote for your clear bra application services, please contact our Mobile, AL window tint and paint protection expert Ken Williams (251) 232-9427

As a leading Mobile, AL window tinting company, we have experience offering XPEL clear bra application services for a variety of types of cars and vehicles including many of the most expensive and high class vehicles on the road today. If you are interested in protecting your vehicle’s original paint surface from road debris and other daily hazards, a clear bra will offer superior protection for much less than the cost of a new paint job.XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection Products: A revolution in the automotive world

“Perhaps the best product you have never seen...” - Motor Trend Magazine

XPEL Paint Protection Products protect the leading edge of your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane film. All XPEL products are computer cut to ensure rapid and damage free installation. XPEL has developed a worldwide network of dealers factory trained in product application.

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a rugged eight mil (.008") clear Urethane plastic employing a clear-coat finish for maximum shine. This durable material has been used successfully for years by the military, various auto manufacturers, and NASCAR race teams in rock chip prone areas with incredible results.

XPEL Paint Protection Film will not to yellow, crack or peel for 7 years after installation.

Computer Cut Window Tint

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Access Sun Control's window tinting division is second to none. We utilize the latest in technology also. Gone are the days of running a sharp and damaging razor blade around your windows to cut the tint pattern. We use a Graphtec plotter combined with Solar Gard's latest computer cutting software that includes all vehicles built since essentially the 90's. Again, whether you drive a Ford or a Ferrari, our professionals have tinted it. You will not find receive a more perfect window film installation ANYWHERE!

It works like this: the installer selects your make, model, and year from our software database. It then brings up your specific windows and any available options. The installer simply highlights the windows he wants cut, loads your choice of film, then the machine cuts it all out to manufacturer spec. The film is then shrunk to the curves of your glass, windows prepped and clean, and film installed. The machine cuts all the windows to "micro edge" (minimal gap at the edges).

What does all this mean for you the consumer? The same thing it means for all the new car dealerships that we service-the cleanest, most perfect window tint job that can be achieved using all the latest technology. When we are done, it will look factory installed-guaranteed-worldwide!

Another cool thing that our plotter and software allow us to do is complete clear shielding protection for your vehicle. Clear shield (or paint protection film) is a clear, almost invisible "bra" that is machine-cut and applied to the most wearable areas on your vehicle. These areas usually include the bumper, hood, front of fenders, mirrors, pillars, some head and fog lamps, and more. This product is self anealling-unlike your factory paint. It can take hits from rocks and other road debris but still recover to its original smooth finish over time. It will take love bugs with no problem-clean them off when you have time. Love bugs cannot ruin this finish! You can decide on the package that best fits your budget. And this product is something you MUST budget in if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a few years. The cost to replace two headlamps, or repaint the front end of your vehicle due to bug or debris damage FAR outweighs your clearshield investment.

Our plotter and software allows us also to speed up the process of commercial and residential flat glass film installation. When a job estimate is approved by a client, we load all the measurements into the computer. It precuts all windows out with very little overage so that we can get in and out of your way MUCH faster than any of our competition-and with more precise cuts. This also cuts down on waste DRASTICALLY-which is a money-saver that we pass on directly to you!

You can go to any tint shop. But, you have to ask yourself-if they are not willing to make the investment in professional employees, and the latest technology, how are they going to treat your investment? For most Americans, their vehicle is the second largest investment besides their house-are you willing to trust your biggest investments to just anyone? And if they are not 3M certified but Access Sun Control is, why is that? Remember, in the tint world, you DO get what you pay for....

Automobile Window Tinting: (251) 232-9427 or Email

If you drive in Metro Mobile area you probably spend lots of time in your automobile. Now you can say goodbye to heat build-up and excessive glare by installing High Performance Automotive Film/Tinting on your windows. Why not reduce stifling heat, dangerous glare and health threatening ultraviolet when you're on the road? Protect your vehicle's interior now and provide more comfort and safety for yourself and passengers.

All it takes is High Performance Window Film. Call us today and experience our commitment to quality in service and workmanship.

Whether you hit the road in a sleek imported sports car, a family SUV, passenger car, truck or van, choose a window film that offers 99.9% UV protection, maximum heat and glare reduction, and with a Nationwide, Lifetime Warranty backed by the largest window film manufacturer in the world. And it's recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Making an informed decision about your needs requires more then choosing the right product. It's also a case of selecting the right window film dealer. We have been in business for 25 years and have a great reputation.

Long after the sale, we'll be there with you. All of the automotive window film installations are backed by the National Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty Program. We offer Quality Without Compromise. Make the smart choice, Access Sun Control.

While we won’t argue that a vehicle looks better with tinted windows, the benefits are far greater than cosmetic alone. Automotive Window Tinting by Access Sun Control can make the time you spend in your vehicle much more comfortable and a whole lot safer.

Keepin’ you cool!

Automotive Window Tinting by Access Sun Control offers a wide array of products to help combat the extreme Southern heat.

Black Ceramic Automotive Window Film by Geoshield

Dark Matter Tint By GeoShieldDarkMatter, Geoshield’s premium automotive window film, uses nano-ceramic technology to provide uncompromising looks and outstanding performance. When looks and performance matter choose DarkMatter films.

  • Maximum Performance – High Heat and 99% UV Rejection
  • Uncompromising Looks- High Optical Clarity, Low Reflectivity and Black Finish
  • Media Friendly- No GPS, Satellite Radio, or Cell Phone Interference
  • Color Stable- Will not Fade or Corrode
  • Nano Ceramic Technology- Metal Free
  • Limited Lifetime Automotive Warranty

Great looks, ultimate performance and added safety, all these features make Automotive Window Tinting by Access Sun Control the best choice for your automotive tinting needs.

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